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The best Real Time Strategy game ever made

I'm eagerly anticipating the next iteration of the game 11 years after the first one! It's been long overdue

It's really taken a decade for computers to get to the point where they can recreate the graphics of the original 2D game but in full 3D. So I'm glad they waited till now to do it, and I hope they do it properly!

The original required all but a 90mhz processor and 16mb of ram! And is still updated to this day, and despite first requiring the now ancient Mac OS 7.6 and Windows 95 it still runs today on the latest Intel Macs running os 10.5 (a full 8 OS cycles later)

It's a bit low poly still as it has to work on a full range of computers, the game is'nt meant to be on the bleeding edge, It's not a FPS, it needs to be accessible and run at a high FPS with thousands of units on the screen.

I just noticed how the units and building for Terran have changed in Starcraft 2 as they are working on it still.
On the left are the new units, on the right the old ones, which appear more cartoony and less defined/low poly looking.

Thank god they fixed that, it looked awful before. Looking at it still though some units/buildings in the other races look like they need a rehaul too, hopefully they are still working on that in the same manner... hangon.. yup looks like they are indeed loking at screenshots stuff is changed every screenshot almost:

Starcraft 1 of course went through massive changes as it was being built, starting all the way back in 1996. I've managed to dig up some old alpha screenshots of that below.

Ooh just found a website with some more information on units changes:

Link: --- P1

The above unit has been removed entirely.. thankfully!

yay looks like the zerg are also getting up-ressed:

Not bad considering these units are about 40 pixels wide when displayed in game


And now for some really really old screenshots below:

The Zerg race was originally known as the "Nightmarish Invaders".... lol

Link: --- starcraft-evolution-12



A rather curious video of the beta version:


And then the final version of Starcraft as we know it:

Man I just found my old games:

Yah I'm a nerd, and yes that's 3 copies of Starcraft:

And yes that one is still in It's wrapping-ish

I bought one copy and the cd key did'nt work online, so they sent me another copy, by mistake they sent me 2 new copies, only one of which I think worked online I think? I really can't remember

Ah and six or 7 years later I'm still playing the damn thing


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Ok where have I been and what have I been upto!

... not much ...

Working on this and that, but mostly... I hate to admit it... I've been lost in playing Fallout 3 and now GTAIV

Major productivity boosting stuff, both games easily have a 100 hours of play time in them before completion.

Both amazing games, if you can look past a few bugs and your machine is high spec.

I have finally solved my light math/ auto exposure problem thanks to Wesley Bourne, I'll be posting more on that when I get some good examples of it together...

But really, nothing much to report other than lots of game playing and mince pie eating really.. tis the season to get fat and sleep loads.

Oh and I moved ISP to O2 and right now I can highly recommend them especially if your already a O2 mobile customer as you get money off. i've downloaded 70gb and Uploaded 60gb already and I've only been on a few weeks. Nice and fast!

I realized something rather profoundly obvious the other day, how when I need to or have to do something I offload it onto the future so... I'll do it tomorrow, or later.. as if the me doing it later is another person.. offloading work to someone else, but of course.. that other person is me. So it really does nothing but delay the inevitable. Your going to be just as 'you' later as you are now, and the work is going to be just as boring then and your going to want to offload it onto someone else or your future self just as much then too.

I just found it rather funny, how internally I felt or had this idea that doing something later was like another person or something, hard to describe. It's hard living and dealing with the NOW all the time we build up all these concepts of the future and life as a line and progression when really all there is is 'now', so offloading into the future is just a way of pissing off my future 'now'.

I was thinking how if I had done something hard or important every day for the last year.. 5 years or so on.. how id be rewarding myself now, all the hard work would have been done by someone else, a past me and id be enjoying it now. That's another interesting way of looking at it, give your future 'now' a gift instead of offloading work onto it, think how your future 'now' will feel if you go and get that work out the way right now.

I know what I mean


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Great Portfolio of work by Peter Jaworowski:

Link: --- 55599


Link: --- novye_raboty_grafichsekogo_dizajjnera_peter_jaworowski

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Trying to understand the world of hosting, dns, name servers, registrars, cnames, domains etc etc...

Bizareo world it really is, lots of shady reselling going on, companies that tend to vanish over night unintentionally and ones that vanish quite intentionally with your money ; round every corner it seems.

I've been getting a bit pissed off, I just registered a free domain at to only have vanish today, no doubt they will be back in a day or so, but to have a name server go down is unacceptable even for a second.

And my web host has given up the ghost too, almost in tandem. All my searches through free hosting has resulted in wasted energy, seems like almost every other host you goto is really owned by one you just visited already, I thought id found a gold mine with but didn't take long to find it randomly decides not to serve up images now and then, but I found a few more hosts that offered similar if not as great services... but nay they looked suspiciously identical to and I\'m fairly sure they were either the same company or reselling services of the same company, in any case, they both suffered the same fault.

Even looking at paid hosting resulted in frustration, I can put up with limitations and file size limits on free hosting, but even stricter file format and size limitation on PAID hosting is out the question, I got fed up in the end after host after host told me they didn't support anything other than images and html, NO videos, no zip... or their idea of unacceptable use constituted of users downloading more than 1mb per visit.... *cries*

So basically I have to pay £10 a Month minimum to get even basic hosting it seems..... screw that. This site is a hobby/form of expression more than anything else... call me tight. Makes more sense for me to just continue hosting it myself, move it onto my always running Mac Mini.

All made extra difficult by my somewhat specialized needs. I need Large file hosting (20mb) (or at least I will do eventually) a gig of storage at least, PHP support (with support for absolute paths with PHP include) and FTP that supports my methods of synchronization.

But hurrah a light at the end of the tunnel, I've found a home with a good friend who has a dedicated machine somewhere in far reaches of the web. For now It's just hosting the images for me, I'll hopefully get the PHP moved over in a few days and get a domain sorted out... It's perfect as I can have a shell account meaning I can use rsync over ssh to synchronize any changes to my whole website in a few seconds.

I'm also thinking of buying

Fairly, boring, unmemorable... but hey.. It's my name! therefore I cannot get bored of it and feel urged to change it every year... *thinks about changing my own name* ..... ..... no!

But even buying a name is more complicated than id first thought, lots of resellers, some will drop you and dissolve your account just from a single complaint email or based on text content filtering.... yuck!

These guys caught my attention in my searches regarding hosting and domains, check them out if your interested in this jazz at all:




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