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Benjamin Delacour

Link: designyoutrust.com --- benjamin-delacours-ripped-apart

Tara Donovan - From Paper Cups To Genius

Link: www.acegallery.net --- artwork

Link: www.thecoolhunter.net --- Tara-Donovan---From-Paper-Cups-To-Genius

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Tags: - Realflow
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I've been playing with RealFlow trying to get a paint like gooey stretchy look, finally figured out that Surface Tension was the important ingredient in high values: 2000+

Guide here:

Link: www.realflow.com --- surface_tension

And some earlier not so successful but entertaining tests:

And this is just funny and awesome:

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Tags: - 2D
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Link: little-people.blogspot.com

Shadow Art

Link: www.designswan.com --- 16-amazing-shadow-art

Kumi Yamashita

Link: kumiyamashita.com

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A link to my own work and research into the creation of math art here:

Link: helios.mine.nu --- Math Art

A link to Tools and info on math are can be found here:

Link: helios.mine.nu --- Reality 2.0

Link: www.bathsheba.com

Link: www.evolution-of-genius.de

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Awesome idea

Link: www.cgsphere.com

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