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Finally got round to exploring the world of studio lighting, and the results I'm really pleased with. Basically modeled all the lights and background, The model is by someone else with some tweak by me. He'd asked me if I could help him make his render more realistic, about... 3 years ago? finally got round to it


And slap on some fancy post effects:

Some Early renders:

Note this one has very visible thickness in the sides of the bottle, in reality refraction joins the surface of the plastic and water together, I had to tweak/overlap the water model inside to achieve the end result.

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Playing about with Vray and Mograph

And other tests

It's art!

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Just messing about and stumbled on some old work, thought Id have a poke around it and ended up spending 2 hours changing it quite drastically using what I have learned in the 6 years since I started it!

I'm having an unbelievably hard time understanding and sorting the color profile and banding issues n the image. It looks fine on my Wide Gamut display in Photoshop, but gets into all kinds of trouble elsewhere. In the end the only way I could export it from Photoshop without banding was to.. take a screenshot... I kid you not. And I can't get the HUE/Sat right and the brightness of the top part should be dark black to dark grey, but on some displays It's just completely hidden in blackness. I'm thinking now about adding a calibration/brightness slider to my website, then I can set all the images to the same kinda of brightness and have users slide the slider to fit their monitor/viewing environment.

Take your pick, the chances of the saturation hue and brightness looking anywhere near like what I intend is highly unlikely. It looks nice here is all I can say! And I think my Display is pretty accurately setup

And the garish original.. I was young!

The above shows where your gamma lies, the columns show blur together at around 1.8 on a Mac

All of the above Squares just be just barely visible, and the background should be pure black. If the sun is out you will need to draw curtains for this. Currently I can't see the first square but the others are baaaaarely visible.
Gamma test stolen from

And same with this:

You should see faint checkers on each square, I can't see the last one, but the others are visible.


I bloody hate the influx of these things, especially the ones I have to squint at and guess the letters on just to download a 5k file

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Been working on a little something today, I didn't do the modeling, I've just handled the materials, lighting and rendering.

And heres a close up:

Needs more saturation/color in it, the radiator looks kinda odd being too shiny and the Chrome metal is a bit grey in parts and has some not so great reflections.

This job highlighted Vray for C4D's current missing features though

No distributed bucket rendering
No support for material selection tags
No glow post effects, but.. they are naff anyway, that's what we have photoshop for
No support for exluding objects from shadows
No support for independent reflections per material, just needs a environment map projection type shader to put that effect in any channel you wish.
No blending of multiple materials
No support for proximal shader, so shader that based on distance from another object
No volumetric light support
Seemingly broken diffusion, that results in visible squares around buckets with high glossiness as seen below. I couldn't find a way to fix that.

... It's still better than Cinemas renderer though


And I know the next versions fixes a bunch of the above

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I've been busy playing all sorts of games since I moved to Intel Mac and thus could install Windows.

All the best games at my finger tips, having never played any of them before really. And most of them I've tired of quickly or simply been distracted by other games more.

Crysis has been the most distracting just because It's so friggingly gorgeous, but I've been over that already, now I have to report that Rainbowsix Vegas and It's sequel have been thoroughly entertaining me.
The controls and the way you can move the player around and shoot from cover and everything is fantastic. And the gameplay is solid, my only gripe is you need a reaction speed beyond human for the highest difficulty which IMO is unrealistic, unless all these terrorists are olympic athletes on the side. If a door opens up and there's a terrorist on the other side and he's looking straight at you, you will not win, you never shoot first... or at least I never do and I have a reaction speed of about 170ms at best... which seems unfair. So really you spend most of the game shooting people in the back or ambushing them, as head to head they really are bastardly quick.

CoD4 is also well worthy of mentioning as It's also fantastic if a bit linear feeling after playing Crysis


And how badass is this car!

GeneralMotors went nuts after the war and designed tons of concept cars, the above is a rather touched up photo of one of them

Some bizarre stuff!

Link: --- gm-motorama-comes-back-to-life-at-pebble-beach

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