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Getting a bit more abstract now with my flowery visions *shrugs*

It needs some kind of backdrop my first thoughts are putting it inside some tunnel like hole that surrounds the swirly path of the vine

I draw by hand a path around the shape of the vine and Lathe it to form the following dirty hole:

Subpoly displacement is awesome! (and slow)

Add some specular and moss grass type thing, as mud surrounding flowers isn't particularly cute

I've created some breaks in the outerwall to let light in and make it more interesting

A lighting test with displacement turned off, trying to position a sun type light to cast a shadow + strong burnt out glow on the grassy side, the logic being moss/grass would grow in the sun lit areas and not in the dark shaded part.

Tweaked the lighting by changing the environment map to a sunset type HDR and changing It's hue. Also changed the sun light to an area light so it casts a softer shadow. The HDR is flooding light in at a horizontal angle now which is lighting up the hole on the right, which is something I wanted. The GI Quality is here is lowest hence the weird blue dots on the left.

1 hour 20 in on lowest GI!!

This is with the Displacement on and It's killing the render times when in combination with GI, I don't even want to think how slow it will be with the vine/leaves turned on. And to think, I was planning on adding hairs to the moss to make it grassy... forget that! my computer will esplode!

I think I have rather incorrect GI settings, for use with sub-poly displacement.. I have some ideas! (reads manual)

3 hours 25 in..... definitely need some optimizations

render with GI = 10 minutes, render with Displacement = 10 minutes, render with Displacement and GI = infinity

Would help if the manual for this was both complete and not in engrish:

"This will result inpoorer results of course but nrings speed advantages. Specially for
previews you can turm of the seondary engine, or if you have scenes that not at all
use any glossy effects."

ah well that's beta software for you.

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