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Dunno who to blame for glitches, I have weird glitches across ALL applications lately, maybe my GPU is dying

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Cool small car!

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Tags: - C4D - Vray
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Just got VRay for Cinema 4D

VRay: 4 Minutes | C4D: 1 minute 28

VRay: 44 Minutes

3 Minutes in, looks like a load of crap in prepass but hey It's only been 3 minutes and that's a 3 zillion polygon model

7 Minutes Total


+ some post, depending on how bright your display is, one of these will look right hopefully


VRay: 50m (My Dads Model)

Made the gold too yellowy

3m 28s (Not my Model or Scene)

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Finally finished it, my RadioTimes->iCal->Desktop PHP scriptages


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Just spent around 22 working ours redoing a lot of my RSS-RTF code and adding old work to the database

It's been optimized greatly 3x faster at least and now is much cleaner code and easier to read. Also now has support for none image formats like Movies and Flash files, they show up as links to the files. And added a new section called 'Experiments' which is purely my work and experimental stuff with all the jibber jabber taken out.

My Work and Experimental work in progress:

Link: --- Experiments

My Blog of sorts with random nonesense/news aaand and Work/Experimental work in progress

Link: --- store

I think the next thing for me to do is stop the HTML view from loading ALL the entries, have it paginated so it doesn't show everything dating back several years all at once.

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