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Progress, minimal

Just added navigation to the boxel, just minor niggles left to finish with it now. It's taken stupidly long to do, Flashes constant crashing doesn't help. It seems it gets quite upset when interrupted during loading clips.

aggahah I spent all day sorting my website sync out between webdav and home and my Dad just deleted it, for no reason. And then I went to copy it off the webdav onto the home comp and I moved it instead, so now I have to copy it to the webdav as well.

See If you observant enough to figure out what is going on in the 2 pictures below:

Well it was worth a try, a C+ for effort

I have decided that the Macromedia GUI team must consist of A drunken Dyslexic midget puppet with scoliosis ADHD a lisp and herpes, and a dead guy who died from HIV and has a criminal record consisting of raping puppets and eating small highland goats

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