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It took me till now to realize I could use my wireless mouse to operate FrontRow, bit of a uh duh moment. This will be nice when I get back to Uni, not so much use here at home. Would be more useful if Apple Trailers would work without 'Movie Server Not Responding' popping up periodically.

Arghahha I have wasted my day again. *sigh*

I must now to be inline with my other scripts, format my date as follows:
Y2006-Mo01-D13, so that it shows up in search results. I have scripts that generate screenshots and app usage data in that format, and I just wrote a script that exports my Calendar to that format, so instantly I can retrieve articles relating to days, months, etc. Which reminds me, I think I might add a boring tag to my diary parser.

I now have on my computer, scripts I wrote that:
Store application activity on a daily bases (how many minutes used per app)
A system to take and compress/resize screenshots every 5 minutes and soon to process into movies
An .RTFD to XML/RSS converter for my this Diary
An iCal to Item script that outputs entries to single files with tags
This all allows me to search for say a month, or a date, or application and show all screenshots, and app usage and diary entries and iCal entries for that.
Thanks to Spotlight and AppleScript

Next up to make a script to rename Adium saved transcripts to show up in results? Maybe that's not so useful.
And to assign a key-press to open the current diary.rtfd file for editing. But not now, because It's 5:45am

Ok I just did the script to open the file and it even scrolls down to the bottom ready to type. Only took 5 minutes


Sleep is such a waste of time.

Hmm just thought maybe I should add a tag system, even if I don't use them, 1 day I might say, remove all Boring text or something, have it just ignore everythign beggining with an exlamation mark or somehting. Oh well off to bed.

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Apparently the phone line outside my bedroom was bust, that is now fixed and we have the phone line back, however the tech guy has inadvertantly cut off the upstairs phone line... just my luck. My dad has since managed to fix that, YAY! however that doesn't seem to include internet... this is cruel! I just phoned Demon after messing with the router for hours, and it turns out, guess what! they are having work done on 4 nodes, including the one I happen to be on... what are the chances... someone doesn't want me to see the Apple keynote, It's a bloody conspiracy.

Yay at last I have internet and I have just finished watching the Apple Keynote.

They are having fun with tag lines


Hmm I just had a thought, I wonder what happens if I drag a movie clip in here....
Oh it doesn't work, though it should... oh well. I have just found that TextEdit has a tendency to randomly name pasted graphics in such a way that breaks the links to them, more fun!

At another time I'll put in a quick image script to convert all the images to jpg as they are currently rather large TIFF's
Ok I couldn't help it, I've added the image compression code now. All works well. Now maybe I can do some work today?

Well at the expense of a few hours excitement over MW I have achieved nothing today, I'm amazed I haven't been that tired today because of how broken my sleep was.

I'm still unsure of my picture/drawing on MySpace. It's funny in It's creepiness, but is it too creepy? in a bad way?

Just thinking about logo designs, and what I could do for a design, I really loved for reasons beyond my understanding the graphic of 3 dots ''95 '95 '95' an ellipsis. They just look good and simple. Unfortunately It's associated with waiting, delays, omission and comes from the greek word ellepein 'to fall short' but otherwise it sounds and looks cool IMO.

Damn the meaning! Maybe I can be clever and combine it with somehting to mean Not/No/Negative ellipsis. One positive thing is it means to remove text so what's left is only what's need to be understood. Which is something I'm a fan of. Also the meaning of this symbol and even It's real name is far from common knowledge.

Oh crap... figures. I\'m not the only person to think It's a cool word.

Turns out It's also the code name for a big patch to fix bugs in Flash MX2004

Yay, I just figured out the whole TextEdit paste naming bug, so now I can paste without worry! total time to code RTFtoXML: 2:30
Hopefully this will be the last post in the diary about the diary


(I sadly doubt it)

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I'm bored, with many many things right now. So let's put the whole boring thing down in writing, maybe in that way, the whole mess will become interesting, though, I highly doubt it.

I just spilled my Orange drink all over the computer table, this wouldn't be such an event if I hadn't minutes earlier pulled the same trick on the kitchen table. This is perhaps the most interesting part of my day, unless you count the endless work on my Flash website... which I do not.

The internet has been cut off for what seems like a week, though, it has only been 2 days, of all the times it is MacWorld, and I have as much an idea of what was announced as I did a week ago, which is to say none at all. Maybe an Intel laptop, which I couldn't care less about, maybe a sneak peak at 10.5, though I highly doubt anything of substance. All will be revealing when the internet resumes sometime tomorrow hopefully... I know all my friends are dying to contact me during my absence, though more likely, they will not have even noticed.

Me being the genius that I am, means I have to write my own Diary format, I can't just use some off the shelf software. Just spent an hour in ScriptEditor and have it parsing a .rtfd file into an RSS XML document. If I had the internet I'd be able to find out how to format paragraphs breaks and insert images, however I do not, so it will have to wait. I should be able to write these in TextEdit, paste in images, press a magic button and be done with it.


Another hour in script editor and It's ready to publish images (once I know the schema) and handles publishing private data and consolidation into one diary.xml... basically... It's finished and works really well.

Well it is now 4:48am and I'm really tired, just finished securing my files (including diary) and changing my password for the first time. I feel like my computer is really secure, the only thing I could do to improve it now, would be to use encrypted disk images and file vault, but that's OTT!

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Tags: - C4D
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Show Work
not entirely sure if group work towards the show is wished for here, but I shall include as paper is cheap these days.
I worked on both a simplistic showreel and website for the end of year show

This is a piece of concept work for how we could use one of the rooms at green lane, blacking out the windows.

These are some concepts regarding the theme of 8 we chose to represent that there are 8 of us on the course. None of these ideas ended up being part of what we now have as a show ident.

I designed and created the show website under guidance of the group.
The show reel should also be available on that site, It's not very exciting, just does It's job.

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11.09 Edited a default head to fit my alien, just basic, but it looks quite good, though I feel bad for ripping off a human head model

It's been itching me all the time, but I've been ignoring it... the feeling... I want to chang a lot about the helmet model, I've been pretending I did'nt want to..
but I can't stop anymore! time to get brutal with the model and tear it down!

Inspired by my draft head I realized it was getting far to square, even though on there own I loved the weighted edges of the earlier helmet, it just didn't work as a whole. The model is really screwed up at this point as I brutaly attack it from all angles. It's times like this you wish you had spent that extra week getting the base shape correct.

New Summer!

Chimera sucks

Unity sucks too, I think it might be my export that sucks! no they both SUCK some bug in lighting using DOT3 across the broken uv, this is unacceptable shame on them both!
Experimenting with normal maps

Maya 7, still some glitches,

Maya 7, I think It's capping it

Legs getting better

make upper leg thinner and knee thinner to stop balloon pants effect™

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