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I'm bored, with many many things right now. So let's put the whole boring thing down in writing, maybe in that way, the whole mess will become interesting, though, I highly doubt it.

I just spilled my Orange drink all over the computer table, this wouldn't be such an event if I hadn't minutes earlier pulled the same trick on the kitchen table. This is perhaps the most interesting part of my day, unless you count the endless work on my Flash website... which I do not.

The internet has been cut off for what seems like a week, though, it has only been 2 days, of all the times it is MacWorld, and I have as much an idea of what was announced as I did a week ago, which is to say none at all. Maybe an Intel laptop, which I couldn't care less about, maybe a sneak peak at 10.5, though I highly doubt anything of substance. All will be revealing when the internet resumes sometime tomorrow hopefully... I know all my friends are dying to contact me during my absence, though more likely, they will not have even noticed.

Me being the genius that I am, means I have to write my own Diary format, I can't just use some off the shelf software. Just spent an hour in ScriptEditor and have it parsing a .rtfd file into an RSS XML document. If I had the internet I'd be able to find out how to format paragraphs breaks and insert images, however I do not, so it will have to wait. I should be able to write these in TextEdit, paste in images, press a magic button and be done with it.


Another hour in script editor and It's ready to publish images (once I know the schema) and handles publishing private data and consolidation into one diary.xml... basically... It's finished and works really well.

Well it is now 4:48am and I'm really tired, just finished securing my files (including diary) and changing my password for the first time. I feel like my computer is really secure, the only thing I could do to improve it now, would be to use encrypted disk images and file vault, but that's OTT!

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Show Work
not entirely sure if group work towards the show is wished for here, but I shall include as paper is cheap these days.
I worked on both a simplistic showreel and website for the end of year show

This is a piece of concept work for how we could use one of the rooms at green lane, blacking out the windows.

These are some concepts regarding the theme of 8 we chose to represent that there are 8 of us on the course. None of these ideas ended up being part of what we now have as a show ident.

I designed and created the show website under guidance of the group.
The show reel should also be available on that site, It's not very exciting, just does It's job.

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11.09 Edited a default head to fit my alien, just basic, but it looks quite good, though I feel bad for ripping off a human head model

It's been itching me all the time, but I've been ignoring it... the feeling... I want to chang a lot about the helmet model, I've been pretending I did'nt want to..
but I can't stop anymore! time to get brutal with the model and tear it down!

Inspired by my draft head I realized it was getting far to square, even though on there own I loved the weighted edges of the earlier helmet, it just didn't work as a whole. The model is really screwed up at this point as I brutaly attack it from all angles. It's times like this you wish you had spent that extra week getting the base shape correct.

New Summer!

Chimera sucks

Unity sucks too, I think it might be my export that sucks! no they both SUCK some bug in lighting using DOT3 across the broken uv, this is unacceptable shame on them both!
Experimenting with normal maps

Maya 7, still some glitches,

Maya 7, I think It's capping it

Legs getting better

make upper leg thinner and knee thinner to stop balloon pants effect™

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22.08 Beauty Shot

23.08 Radiosity Test, head slit and neck modeled.

26.08 Head in Director, Shockwave file playing in web browser, interactive.

Model with dynamic hair follicles, no wait, It's my desktop picture peeking through.

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Warmup.. hehe

28.07 Here he is, lookin sexy

Valideus ex abyssus - DestoyerGod out of/ from within hell, I dunno, my latin isn't very good, but it sounds cool so that's his name

Sketches from the 18th of June


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