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I'm modeling and texturing a fridge and It's contents, my idea is to model and texture it pristine and then model and texture an alternate version that's as if the firdge has been left to decay for many years as an interesting textural exercise.

The proportions worry me, It's ended up bigger than I'd imagined, looks good, but I don't want to have to fill all of those shelves up, so I'm going to rework it to be smaller.

It's wider than deeper, I think that's wrong.

Fixed proportions, added an ice box.

It has actual thickness too

Toom Dim,


Radiosity OFF, with it on Too bright...

Were getting there now.

Changed the shelf supports, the back ones stick out too much.
The IceBox needs work, it doesn't look like it opens, need to separate them and add hinge, also it has nothing stopping it from falling inside the icebox, it needs something behind to form a seal.
Not looking forward to figuring out the front door hinge, also I think the shelves in the door will stick out and bang the shelves inside, so something needs to move somewhere.
Add some little feet too.

Just had thought, about how weird it would be to see the inside of a fridge while closed, in the dark, if I could find a light source then you could pan about the items inside the fridge, and then have the door open and you see where you are.

Perhaps have a hole in the side of the fridge??

Added bulb and inside of door, use a deformer to bulge the door.

Some modern art courtesy of some FSAA related bug


A reaaally low quality radiosity test7

Can Can! the first bit of contents for the fridge.
Need to make a label for it, and then rust it up, mold it up, etc

Texture Work so far

Looking dirtaaay!
Thinking maybe I can have the can half open and view inside to the Yum
Needs shadows and dirt around the ring pull, the vertical scratches need to be removed too, makes no sense.

Rebuilt some faces so the hypernurbs doesn't disturb the texture, looks a bit odd, but It's better... honest. Hypernurbs hates triangles

Changed bump and reflectivity maps.

Beetroot Jar:

30 minutes to make moldy bread!

30 minutes for orange juice

Alien Beetroot

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