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Ok where have I been and what have I been upto!

... not much ...

Working on this and that, but mostly... I hate to admit it... I've been lost in playing Fallout 3 and now GTAIV

Major productivity boosting stuff, both games easily have a 100 hours of play time in them before completion.

Both amazing games, if you can look past a few bugs and your machine is high spec.

I have finally solved my light math/ auto exposure problem thanks to Wesley Bourne, I'll be posting more on that when I get some good examples of it together...

But really, nothing much to report other than lots of game playing and mince pie eating really.. tis the season to get fat and sleep loads.

Oh and I moved ISP to O2 and right now I can highly recommend them especially if your already a O2 mobile customer as you get money off. i've downloaded 70gb and Uploaded 60gb already and I've only been on a few weeks. Nice and fast!

I realized something rather profoundly obvious the other day, how when I need to or have to do something I offload it onto the future so... I'll do it tomorrow, or later.. as if the me doing it later is another person.. offloading work to someone else, but of course.. that other person is me. So it really does nothing but delay the inevitable. Your going to be just as 'you' later as you are now, and the work is going to be just as boring then and your going to want to offload it onto someone else or your future self just as much then too.

I just found it rather funny, how internally I felt or had this idea that doing something later was like another person or something, hard to describe. It's hard living and dealing with the NOW all the time we build up all these concepts of the future and life as a line and progression when really all there is is 'now', so offloading into the future is just a way of pissing off my future 'now'.

I was thinking how if I had done something hard or important every day for the last year.. 5 years or so on.. how id be rewarding myself now, all the hard work would have been done by someone else, a past me and id be enjoying it now. That's another interesting way of looking at it, give your future 'now' a gift instead of offloading work onto it, think how your future 'now' will feel if you go and get that work out the way right now.

I know what I mean


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