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Just Spent the past couple of days learning about Adobe Air and Adobe Flex

I've shamelessly ripped someone's UI from their program, but It's all for a good cause... personal fitness!

AIR Lets you run Flash or HTML built stuff like a Desktop Application and runs the same on Mac and Windows and soon Linux

Flex lets you build complex applications with lots of UI with ease.

The only problem with this as always is the fact that Flash performs like shit on PPC based Macs, I can't speak for Intel macs as I don't have one, unless you count a mini, which is underpowered anyway.

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I love this image

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Got my eye on this case for my soon to be purchased iPhone:

Link: --- home_en

A case is always going to be a bit annoying but no more so than a small grain of sand obliterating a £300 phone

This case is $80

theres a rather big con though
you shouldn't get the case wet or greasy, and be carefull not to scratch it
I wonder if they sell a protetive cover for the case

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Nice piece of design, even if it is useless, I guess It's a tech demo more than anything really

I just like the category chooser slidey dealy:

Link: --- flashon

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Just spent all day fixing and improving this Blog *shudder* I really gotta think of a better thing to call it.

Now it has super magical powers

You can go backwards and forwards viewing 7 days at a time which means it will no longer be a gigantic 300 pages 100mb page.. damn ill miss that.

This is something it should have had from the start, but I couldn't figure out how to go about parsing XML by date and then spitting it back out, but I figured it out at last after applying myself and giving up on finding a ready made solution someone had already done.

It's rounding up nicely now, It's very very usable apart from 1 thing really
If you go back 7 days and there's nothing there it laughs at you and shows you nothing. So I need to make the buttons smarter so they indicate and go back the required distance in days to reach the next available entry. And right now I'm too tired to tackle that.

Also I've decided it will not publish the current weeks blog till the week is over thus avoiding constant changes and updates.


I'm having huge problems parsing XML still which is preventing me from making it awesome, so if something sucks, blame PHP poor default XML handling

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