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Decided to enter the "make a T-shirt design for Unity because they can't be bothered to do it themselves" contest. You can win $300 of asset store credit which might be handy, but I just wanted to enter for fun and because quite frankly, it only took 1 hour 20 minutes of my time and I am better than anyone else... in my mind

Well then another 1 hour 20 fiddling with it and making it high res, but you get the idea, I'm a badass is the point I am trying to make

First Draft below:

How can I not win, anyone who is clever enough to both deconstruct the original Unity logo from a cube into the 3 arrow / vectors it is made from and use the cube representation as a mathematical exponent should clearly be worshipped for the god they are

Though something to do with angry birds will probably win instead...

In case the symbolism escapes you, the person at the top ( who should really be outside the circle but T-shirt design is limited to a square area and I have no room ) represents one person going in 'you' effectively, are then multiplied or cubed to the power of Unity resulting in 3 people all looking rather relaxed. It's you x 3 if you use Unity basically. Using Unity is thus like having 3 cooler versions of you.

Nerd / Programmer Humour I know, but hey, you don't get much more nerdy than the Unity in crowd now do you


And in White:

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