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Just playing with materials in vray for c4d... why are there no good standard or 'open source' Material preview scenes?

Maxwell has a real nice one, so I thought id have a go at finding one... turns out you can't nick maxwell as It's LOCKED and I found one for Vray for C4D that has copy protection written all over it... so erm... what's the deal guys? you spent an aftertoon making a material test object and you don't want to share it with others?

Seems gay.

So I've taken the Vray4C4D one as a starting point and improved it a bit. Reason being it was full of glitches... the sort of thing you do not want for material tests!!!

As an exercise I recreated the main ball shape in Rhino for Mac, only just started using it took about 2 hours from first starting it to do.. not too bad for a first model!

Here it is inside Rhino all nurby and infinite resolution... mmmm infiniiite

I unlike certain others, welcome you to the original files so you can adjust and tweak it for yourself.

Just playing with using Brute Force GI + Light Cache, renders fast enough for stills with pretty near perfect quality, no artifacts. Worst case you get a bit of noise... which I quite like even!

Ignore the glitching on the right, My normals were flipped on that one side.. oops!

Experimenting with SSS Sub Surface Scattering... wow this takes long to render:

Yes both renders are incomplete and crapped out at exactly the same point... (ok fixed it now) not happy! something in those unfinished squares was pissing it off something rotten as I left it for houuuurs and it didn't budge...

Ok after some investigation I found a big error on my part, one of the parts of that sphere was duplicated over itself, which Vray's SSS apparently dislikes intensely.

The highlight on the ball is pretty bad looking, horrible pinkish dull highlight... oh well otherwise It's looks very delicious!


Oh and now just for kicks, I've been thinking about displaying my renders in a more 3D manner, holographics/rabbit holes, stereo vision glasses, panning via animation, parallax mapping etc etc

So here is a simple render for red/blue glasses:

Or if you like your color intact and you can cross your eyes and focus independently (takes some practice) you can cross your eyes at this:

Hah, fancy that, youtube has built in 3D support:

Link: www.youtube.com

You can choose to view certain videos in variation of different methods such as red/blue or cross-eyed. How very cool, now if only I had a monitor capable of polarization then we'd be cooking.

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