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The best Real Time Strategy game ever made

I'm eagerly anticipating the next iteration of the game 11 years after the first one! It's been long overdue

It's really taken a decade for computers to get to the point where they can recreate the graphics of the original 2D game but in full 3D. So I'm glad they waited till now to do it, and I hope they do it properly!

The original required all but a 90mhz processor and 16mb of ram! And is still updated to this day, and despite first requiring the now ancient Mac OS 7.6 and Windows 95 it still runs today on the latest Intel Macs running os 10.5 (a full 8 OS cycles later)

It's a bit low poly still as it has to work on a full range of computers, the game is'nt meant to be on the bleeding edge, It's not a FPS, it needs to be accessible and run at a high FPS with thousands of units on the screen.

I just noticed how the units and building for Terran have changed in Starcraft 2 as they are working on it still.
On the left are the new units, on the right the old ones, which appear more cartoony and less defined/low poly looking.

Thank god they fixed that, it looked awful before. Looking at it still though some units/buildings in the other races look like they need a rehaul too, hopefully they are still working on that in the same manner... hangon.. yup looks like they are indeed loking at screenshots stuff is changed every screenshot almost:

Starcraft 1 of course went through massive changes as it was being built, starting all the way back in 1996. I've managed to dig up some old alpha screenshots of that below.

Ooh just found a website with some more information on units changes:

Link: www.starcraftwire.net --- P1

The above unit has been removed entirely.. thankfully!

yay looks like the zerg are also getting up-ressed:

Not bad considering these units are about 40 pixels wide when displayed in game


And now for some really really old screenshots below:

The Zerg race was originally known as the "Nightmarish Invaders".... lol

Link: www.sclegacy.com --- starcraft-evolution-12

Link: home.planet.nl


A rather curious video of the beta version:

Link: uk.youtube.com

And then the final version of Starcraft as we know it:

Man I just found my old games:

Yah I'm a nerd, and yes that's 3 copies of Starcraft:

And yes that one is still in It's wrapping-ish

I bought one copy and the cd key did'nt work online, so they sent me another copy, by mistake they sent me 2 new copies, only one of which I think worked online I think? I really can't remember

Ah and six or 7 years later I'm still playing the damn thing


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