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Ok fixed some bugs in my website and now It's HD! ooh fancy buzzword

It now (based on the size you run it at) will load appropriately sized images all the way up to stupidly large

It was designed with this in mind from the start but I only just got round to it


and computers are only now fast enough


And now just fixed a bunch of other stuff, thumbnails are now hidden when looking at fullsize images, this speeds it up a deal and makes it look better.

You used to be able to load multiple images at once (on purpose) but I just noticed this causes huge bugs so I've disabled it, it wasn't particularly useful anyway as images load so fast.

And finally added load progress for the alternate images, that fade in/out as you drag from left to right *phew*

Lots of fixes and tweaks, It's shaping up pretty good!


The code in places is... awful and spaghetti like sadly and I've thought about porting it from AS2 to AS3 but it would be easier to start again, much much easier, and I'm not doing that!

My todo list for it is still pretty long also :-S

I also have at least 30 Pieces of work flagged for bringing upto date or finishing, I'm going to be busy!

And it looks great in fullscreen now displaying full res 1900x1200 images

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