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New Final Cut Studio 2 from Apple and new CS3 Suite from Adobe, busy busy busy

And it had to be done *hacks boring default icons with some developed by some guy*

*hacks the icons done by some guy to be nicer*


I've started listening to my audiobooks on meditation and overcoming procrastination

I have been thinking about what the subconscious mind does, how you interact act with it and It's purpose


Wow, ok last night I had some kind of success, It was like I was conscious as I felt like I had been lifted out of my head and was surrounded by infinite blackness and at the same time my body felt like it was buzzing. It definitely felt like a separation of body and mind


I haven't been able to repeat my meditative success (albeit a brief one)

My mind is still in doubt that It's possible, and It's that doubt that stops me, so now I doubt I can get rid of my doubt. How retarded!

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