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iWorks new tools are pretty nice

I can't think of any apps they could add to the suites now, other than personal management app for say finances and time, which is a grey area they could move into. Time management and finances seems like a business orientated thing, but many people need it, but don't want to do it because the apps are business orientated and dull, it could bring management to a new personal level or organizing events and people, finances and projects. Organizing a meeting with someone on iChat, then recording that conversation and storing it, this could all link in with a better ability to string together events and items/people into a story or history and present it via a blog with iWeb. Much like I'm doing here, I don't know how interested other people are in doing this sort of thing though. There's the consumer end of things like visually seeing who you talked to with an inline picture and a transcript/recording with dates and events tied to pictures from iPhoto. And there's the pro side like project management tracking
Well It's 2:00am now, I haven't done any work yet, but I'm gonna make a push at tracking down a frustrating problem in Flash.

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